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„Hybrid“ Drawing Processing – an Alternative to Overcome Raster to Vector Conversion Limitations
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Written by Jenny Curtis   
Monday, 17 January 2011


„Hybrid“ processing refers to methods which provide direct CAD editing of scanned drawing images in order to change, update, or enhance their information content.

Top Document Management Solutions
Software - In Depth
Written by Jenny Curtis   
Sunday, 19 September 2010

All enterprises need a system which helps them organize, process and retrieve the company’s documents. Since dealing with tons of paper is not only inefficient but also time and cost-consuming, most companies have implemented or are considering implementing an electronic document management (EDM) system.

EDM systems handle a variety of processes including storing, tracking and retrieving electronic documents.
There are a growing number of companies which provide solutions for electronic document management. Selecting the system which will best meet the individual needs of a specific enterprise could be a challenging task. Here is a list of carefully selected document management solutions which are worth considering:

The eDocXL product line, developed by CPI S.A., is a complete solution for document scanning and management, which allows users to scan, import and file all types of documents, including paper, PDFs, business cards, photos, images, graphics, emails as well as any other files created by Windows applications. CPI S.A. is headquartered in Athens, Greece and has more than 25 years experience in the European IT Market helping companies to increase their productivity.
eDocXL combines OCR, document capture, PDF creation and conversion, as well as Document Management technologies with a convenient user interface. eDocXL Version 4.7 includes ABBYY FIineReader 7 Pro OCR engine.

DocuXplorer is an easy-to-use document management solution which enables companies to secure and manage documents, records, images, email, faxes, as well as any other type of paper or electronic files from a single desktop screen. Founded in 1997, DocuXplorer is a company based in NYC, USA with thousands of clients worldwide.
DocuXplorer enables enterprises of all sizes to easily find, share and access all types of documents. The solution uses a Windows Explorer style interface which makes it very easy to use and requires no technology expertise.  DocuXplorer uses the TextBridge OCR engine.

InfoRouter enables users to share and manage any kind of electronic information, including word processing documents, reports, forms, audio, video, artwork, photographs, engineering documents, drawings and virtually any other format. The solution is developed by Active Innovations, Inc., a company with offices in Turkey and NYC, USA.
InfoRouter is browser based and supports both intranet and web access.   InfoRouter does not include a built-in OCR solution, but partners with companies such as KOFAX and ABBY, which gives customers the flexibility to use the OCR product of their choice.

FileHold features direct integration into Microsoft Office and has a web interface. The solution is a product of FileHold systems Inc., based in Canada. The product offers full-text search an automatically numbers each document to prevent accidental deletion or overwrite. FileHold’s e-mail notification features alerts users when a document needs their attention. The solution uses the DT Search OCR engine.

Document Locator is specialized for business needs in the areas of electronic document control, collaboration, imaging, and information management. Document Locator is developed by ColumbiaSoft, a software company providing solutions which enable businesses to build efficiency, reduce risk, and improve collaboration. US-based, ColumbiaSoft is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Autodesk Partner, Adobe Solutions Partner, and eCopy Software Alliance Partner.
Document Locator’s flexibility makes it well-suited for the document management needs of businesses of all types and sizes. The solution features Windows integration, which makes it easy to use, with document management commands available from within Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, and other applications. Document Locator is fully customizable and adapts to existing office procedures. The solution includes OCR technology from LeadTools.



Top OCR Software
Software - In Depth
Written by Jenny Curtis   
Tuesday, 30 March 2010

From the many OCR software applications available on the market, users can choose the one which suits their needs best. Today OCR technology is far more advanced than it was only a few years ago. From the wide variety of OCR software, we have picked several leading solutions which provide higher accuracy, greater speed and good page layout reconstruction.

ABBYY FineReader 10 Corporate Edition Now Available
Software - In Depth
Written by Amanda Green   
Tuesday, 12 January 2010

          ABBYY, one of the leading providers of document recognition and data capture software, has announced that ABBYY FineReader 10 Corporate Edition is now available.  This is the newest version of ABBYY’s optical character recognition software designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Kodak’s Smart Touch Feature Now Integrated with PaperVision and ImageSilo
Software - In Depth
Written by Dan McNeil   
Sunday, 10 January 2010

          Kodak’s Smart Touch Feature has now been integrated into PAPERVISION ENTERPRISE, the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software and IMAGESILO, the SaaS ECM Service, products of Digitech Systems, Inc. The document capture solution from Kodak and Digitech Systems helps businesses reduce time and money spent on training employees and IT support, allowing them to focus on more essential activities.


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